Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The notorious Benedict Arnold

Benedict Arnold, a historical figure whose name is used to describe traitors. Why did a patriot reverse loyalties in the midst of a war? Steve Sheinkin skillfully tells Arnold's story from his earliest beginnings to his tragic end. The story does not get bogged down in extreme detail. You are given enough of the big picture to understand Arnold's historical context and how his actions influenced the outcome of the Revolutionary War.

There are very few biographies that are appealing or fun to read for young adults or younger readers. This book fills a niche that is very much needed. This book also appeals to adult readers. I feel that I learned a lot about a historical figure that gets only a passing mention in history books. It is true this a fictionalized account but the author did his homework.

Book Rating: 5 stars - a quick and enjoyable read.

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