Monday, January 13, 2014

Bright Empires series

Stephen R. Lawhead is one of my favorite authors.  In 2012 he released a new series called Bright Empires. The story follows Kit as he ventures through time and parallel worlds using ley lines. He inherits this ability from his traveling Grandfather. Soon his ex-girlfriend and newly made friends join in. But there are dark forces who seek to control the ability to detect gateways to other worlds and they are after Kit and his friends.

The first book is The Skin Map, which details the existence of a map showing various gateways. This is followed by The Bone House where Kit is trapped in a paleolithic world. The next book is the Spirit Well, a place of great power and mystery.

The stories are fun time travelling adventures. I found the idea of ley lines and gateways to other worlds rather confusing. If you can set this aside or just accept it as a part of the universe Lawhead has created, then it's really no big deal. Each story builds on the previous so you can't read them out of order. I found I enjoyed the series more the further along I went. There were parts of the Bone House and The Spirit Well that have stayed with me. Book 4 has just been released and I'll have to see if the library will get it.

Book Rating: 4 stars - a fun fantasy adventure series.

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