Thursday, September 01, 2011

Can it, bottle it, smoke it


This is not your traditional book on how to can or preserve food. Karen Solomon introduces some fun and funky twists to a sometimes lost art.You can try carrot almond jam or plum catsup. Some recipes sound very yummy, others a little bit strange, and some I may never try.

One strange inclusion for a book about food preservation is the bread recipes. The author includes recipes for bagels and pizza dough. While the recipes look yummy, they don't fit with the theme. I'm not sure they would have been missed if they were omitted.

I can't say if any of the recipes are good or not as I returned the book to the library without trying anything. There wasn't anything that I had to immediately try. It was fun to flip through it and that may be what most people do. It does have beautiful photography.

One recipe to be careful of is the alcoholic frozen treats. If you have little kids at home, you may have to hide these. I could just see the kids finding them and having a good time.

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