Thursday, September 08, 2011

Reshaping it all


Candace Cameron Bure of Full House fame wrote this diet advice book from a Christian perspective. The book has bits of advice and encouragement for women who are trying to lose weight and keep it off. There are recipes, scriptural references, and motivational quotes.

As a diet advice book, I found it pretty lightweight. There is not a whole lot of specifics as Candace encourages you to find the diet that works for you. Rather she focuses primarily on motivation and encouragement. Her intention was to write a book that you could pick up, flip through and read in moments when that extra encouragement is needed.

I admit that I picked this book up not so much for the diet advice but to read about Candace's life since Full House. I do respect that she has maintained a somewhat normal life for herself and family despite being a celebrity. But as for the diet advice, there are some things that really trouble me. Candace gives an example of her daily food intake which is truly alarming because of how few daily calories she consumes. Candace reveals in the book her life long trouble with food. In her younger years it is was over indulgence in fatty, high calorie foods which eventually led to some struggles with bulimia. So while she has overcome the bulimia problem, she stills struggles with food by swinging to the other extreme. Her current diet has too few calories and almost no fat of any kind with a few non-fat coffee lattes. She buys into the flavored water and lettuce leaves for lunch, with salad dressing on the side. Generally one must reduce calories and exercise more in order to lose weight. In her case, Candace has swung so far to the other extreme she is knocking on anorexia's door. (She does mention that she is still losing weight, but she is probably past the point of needing to lose any more).

So while the criticism sounds harsh, I think anyone that picks this book up for diet advice should be duly warned. The diet advice is not that helpful. The motivational aspect is ok if you feel that could work for you.

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