Monday, October 03, 2011

Sock knitting master class


I loved this sock knitting book. Ann Bud pulled together this collection of knitted socks from various popular knitting designers. Each sock demonstrates an advanced knitting technique. The cover of the book has a pair of stunning knee length socks with stripes and bands of intarsia. Other techniques include cabling, colorwork, and texture. A knitter could really improve their skills by knitting each sock in the book.

The book comes with a bonus DVD that features Ann Budd demonstrating how to knit a sock and discussing each sock in the book. The DVD is a great addition as it shows the basics of sock knitting, which is not presented in the book with much depth. There are a few oddities in the demos though. Ann Budd shows all the basics of sock knitting except for how to pick up the stitches along the gusset, if I remember right. She demonstrates how to prevent holes in the corners but nothing else. The camera angles are a bit weird in some of the demos. In places where a straight overhead shot would be best, we get a straight on shot or a strange angle where you cannot see what Ann is doing. Despite those deficiencies, it's nice to see another knitter knitting.

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