Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lye in wait


I've been doing some pretty heavy reading lately and needed something lighter to read. This book fit that need perfectly.

This book falls into the gentle mystery genre that focuses on a domestic craft. Joanne Fluke has written mysteries around a baker and Diane Davidson-Mott has more cooking mysteries. I know there are some based on quilters and others on knitting. This book is centered around a Sophie Mae, a soapmaker. She finds her handyman dead in her basement after drinking lye. On the surface it appeared as a suicide but sinister characters lead Sophie Mae to think otherwise. An investigation ensues with some danger and the usual cast of shady characters.

The story was a bit predictable, but in an enjoyable way. I liked it as it offered me a break from my other reading. It went fast. I did read the kindle version, which I found through a free promotion. The Kindle version had some formatting issues with inappropriate line breaks and messed up quotation marks. Even so, it wasn't too annoying.

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