Monday, January 06, 2014

A fatal fleece

Crafting mysteries have been a trend for a while. Our library acquired a few of them. This is book 6 in the series, but also the first that I have read.

This story is about a group of knitting friends, one of whom runs a knitting shop. An old, lonely seaman is discovered dead wearing a yellow fleece vest. The knitting friends do their own investigating to solve the crime. In the meantime Birdie's unknown granddaughter, Gabby, shows up for a visit. Gabby, of course, gets in the middle of both the mystery and takes up knitting.

The story is charming. I do not feel I missed out by reading the 6th book in the series first. There are a number of standard crafting mystery cliches in the story, so do not expect too many surprises with the characters or what they do. The mystery kept my attention and so I did finish the book. Also, the author has a tendency to describe the meals the characters eat in detail. Not too annoying, but it may make you hungry.

Book rating - 4 stars

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