Monday, March 03, 2014

Time Riders

Imagine facing death and then being snatched out of time at the last second. This is exactly what happens to 16 year old Liam who is on board the sinking Titanic. Foster is a mysterious time traveller who snatches teens before dying and brings them into the Time Rider team. Maddy and Sal are also recruited. Their jobs are to help maintain the time line against those who wish to alter time for their own purposes. Their base of operations is in New York City protected by a time bubble that acts as a barrier against possible time incursions.

It is not long before the team is hurled into Nazi Germany to only find later that the present has been seriously altered. A group seeks a different outcome of World War II with devastating consequences. The team works both in the present and the past to restore the true timeline.

This book by Alex Scarrow is an exciting and fun read for young adults. For me, there were a few eye-rolling moments only because there were a number of time paradoxes that would make the story impossible. If you can ignore that, then it is fun. I have not read anymore of the series only because I have had other things to read. The series is on my radar to pick up again. It has been well received by teens at the library.

Book rating: 4 stars

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